Gabriele Gravina Is The New Italian Football Federation President

Gabriele Gravina is the new Italian football federation president and has said that its time to gear up as idle Serie C clubs have been hoping for Serie B promotion. He was made to preside at his first meeting as he was elected sometime last week. He said he is planning to support his rulings of Serie B to close to 19 clubs in this season. The change from 22 teams to 19 teams was done due to the bankruptcies of Bari, Cesena, and Avellino. However, the 4 clubs, namely Virtus Entella, Pro Vercelli, Ternana, and Novara did relegate towards the end of the last season in addition to Siena and Catania that lost in Serie C playoffs. They are still debating on getting a place in the 2nd division. As far as Entella is concerned, he has played only one single match in this season of Serie C.

Gravina said he hopes that everyone plays well in the upcoming match and he wishes would be fulfilled by the Lega Pro Serie C leaders. He is prepping up the team now to play football seriously.

Alessio Romagnoli made a great goal in the given time and AC Milan defeated Genoa with 2-1 in Serie A and that made the team move to the Champions League. Romagnoli, who is the center-back, got a clearance from Andrei Radu, the goalkeeper. The winner did make up for the own goal of Romagnoli’s earlier, post Suso gave Milan a quick lead. This made Milan move to the next level on points with Lazio. The 2nd place was achieved by Inter Milan and 3rd place by Napoli with 4 points. Well, this is indeed the first time that Milan took the real stock of its place since the Genoa game was postponed in August. The scoring was opened by Suso with a great shot in 5 minutes. The left-footed Spaniard achieved 9 of his last 11 Serie A scores as he made shots outside the box.