Inter Milan needs stability

Former Inter Milan player Luisito Suarez believes that the club needs some stability at the top if they want to become a dominant force once again in Italian football.

Luisito Suarez has been a star player for Inter Milan in the sixties and has won three league titles and two European Cups with the club.

He said that this is a problem that is faced by football clubs in general at the moment and that Inter Milan will have to find a solution to this. He said that managers do barely have time to mount a serious project and that they are replaced too soon without having time to build a team.

Luisito Suarez said that it is this lack of stability that is affecting the club and he feels that there are too many changes at the club. He believes that Inter Milan should appoint a manager for the long run and make sure that he is given the time and resources to build a quality team.

Luisito Suarez believes that this lack of stability is affecting the players and that they find it hard to remain consistent. He admitted that this is not the best team in the Calcio, but he believes that they are underperforming. Indeed Inter Milan is currently 9th in the table, and Luisito Suarez believes that they have players that can do better than that. He said that it is up to the players to demonstrate that they can play football and that they should be the one driving the club forward.

He said that Inter Milan need to have a clear development plan and ensure that they can build a team for the future. He believes that they have the potential and the resources to achieve this and that they need to find some stability first.