AC Milan Gets A New Coach

Different teams are doing different things as the heat turns up in the Euro tournament.

AC Milan on their side is planning their game a little different. They are planning to restructure their gaming plan. It is felt by their new coach, Vincenzo Montella that the team needs to restructure their defensive strategies. His current focus is to devise a new line up for the team and rebuild it from scratch. Rossoneri has lacked a significant leadership for long. That has shown in the past seasons as well. This is a problem that has plagued them as they have sought to find their position in the European competition. The new man at the helm is looking to turn things around and to make things better.

Montella has several changes planned. For instance, he hopes to bring in immediate replacements for players who have departed like Alex from Brazil and Phillipe Mexes from France. Both walked away last month as their contracts explored and were not renewed.

Montella being a former coach of Fiorentina would be screening candidates like Victor Lindelof of Benfica, Jonathan from Bayer Leverkusen or Mateo Musacchio of Villarreal CF. Most are talented young players who can help to build up the team and cover the weaknesses that exist in the present team. Musacchio on one hand has a defensive experience that is formidable even though he is only 25 years of age. He has played for Yellow Submarine and has 200 appearances till date at the senior level. Hence, the coach hopes that, by getting young players who are used to playing on the defensive side, he would be able to build up this aspect of the team which has come to be neglected over time. It is hopeful that the team will start sprucing up its efforts soon.