24 Replies to “Roma vs Catania [2-2] Italian Serie A Highlights [26/08/12]”

  1. i’m fench , i don’t understand´╗┐ you but i like your channel ­čÖé

  2. He is starter, but he got injury with his leg muscle, and wont´╗┐ play tomorrow against Inter.

  3. I roma should really challenge for the top 2 this season and look at nicolas lopez!! might be a revelation this season. Best of luck to you,coming from a chelsea´╗┐ fan.

  4. amazing definition and an amazing upload,´╗┐ wtb more please keep it up ­čÖé

  5. Zeman said and i qoute I its only matter of time for our match preparation then we´╗┐ will meet up to bring wins)

    go roma

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