24 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Inter Milan // The Milano Derby // Preview // Promo 14/11/10”

  1. yoo nice video, also real madid is gona win next monday sooo dont hate

  2. ik zag op jou op een ander filmpje van jou nederlands spreken tegen een hollander en zo wist ik dat
    ik kom ook uit belgie

  3. don’t worry
    iff barca ever will meet inter again
    messi and villa is gonna kick their ass

    and also gonna kick real madrid his ass next monday at camp nou

  4. ye si hate it too, maicon and lucio are to old for football, they are gay!! what a stupid defending, hate it soooo!!!!

  5. yez i hate that defend to with gaylord lucio
    what a cheater that lucio

  6. yes, ofcorse, what a bad match from inter, always defending, i hat that moment sow much !! FUCK INTER !!!

  7. yeah u absoluty right

    milito goal was offside
    and the goal of bojan was NOT offside

  8. Ac Milan much better than inter, inter is a old club with lucky players ,, lucky team, don’t deserved to winn the champions league, Braça 10000000000000000000 times better !!!

  9. FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on AC MILAN! Lets beat Inter today! Fuck Inter

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