23 Replies to “AS Roma in the USA: Bradley, Totti, & De Rossi Do Disney World”

  1. is from 1927 that they suffer of an inferiority complex because we call roma and even in they born before they choose lazio

  2. la liga doesnt nearly as much then serie a. the italians are known and have been known for diving.

  3. You can think what you want (I respect Lazio and Lazio fans), but I still cannot see the point in writing these comments in a Roma video…Totti doesn’t play for Lazio, Del Piero doesn’t play for Lazio and Maldini doesn’t play for Lazio. So your comment does not make any sense in this contest. What does it have to do with Lazio and with your previous comment?

  4. please explain how barcelona cheated? and dont say diving because the italian league is known for that.

  5. thats because they went against the rules. and like this past season someother team tried to cheat to

  6. Questa squadra con qualche ritocco ed un tecnico senza paraocchi farebbe faville SPALLETTI ti vengo a prendere se torni. ASR1927

  7. “My blood is red-ah yellow, my heart is red-ah yellow, I believe in only one religion. Roma. I love you all” 0:01- 0:10 EPIC!

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